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Valleyfair Amusement Park One Valleyfair Drive Shakopee, MN 55379 General Info 952-445-6500

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Valleyfair Coupons, Savings and Theme Park Description for 2016

Located in Minnesota, this theme park is a jet setting experience that will keep your group entertained for potentially days! Great for adults and children too, this park has rides, a water park, an exclusive Snoopy attraction, a Dinosaurs exhibit and live shows! Plan ahead so that you hit up all of the attractions that you know you don't want to miss! Sporting 13 thrilling rides designed to get your heart pounding, Valleyfair does not disappoint! Popular is the Corkscrew, which is not only a visual beauty but 1950 feet of roller coaster track that continually twists, keeping its guests whizzing along at speeds of 50 mph. This is definitely a 'before lunch' type of ride!  Valleyfair offers its iconic wooden roller coaster - High Rollerthat has been on site since Valley Fair first opened its doors in 1976. This ride peeks at 70 feet and takes guests up to 40 mph! If you're feeling more adventurous, head on over to RipCord with two of your buddies where you will experience a true sense of free-falling when you pull your 'rip cord' - if you've never been skydiving or hang-gliding, this could be your closest yet! Valleyfair's exclusive Planet Snoopy is a major hit with the kids and adults too! Check out 17 attractions within Planet Snoopy including a miniature steel coaster Cosmic Coaster, as well as Linus Launcher, a favorite of park go'ers. If your kids are in to a bit of car action, head to Peanuts 500, or take a train ride on Snoopy's Junction. Another exclusive area to Valleyfair is Dinosaurs Alive, a highly interactive attraction that allows guests to learn more about this amazing prehistoric animals! Included are life-life scenes and replicas of dinosaurs and how they would be in their environment back in the day. Finish off your day at a number of the water rides that Valleyfair features including Panic Falls Speed Slides where you experience a near vertical drop on a water slide, Raging Rapids to experience a memorable tube ride and, to team up with your buddies on a ride don't forget Hurricane Falls!

Current Valleyfair Printable Coupons and Savings for 2016

2015 Valleyfair Season Pass

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Note to our visitors: coupons and specials at Valleyfair can change without notice. So please visit their official website to make sure of the latest pricing and coupons.

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